• Dear Elmont Parents/Guardians 


         I hope this letter finds you well. During the month of October, all students will take the Go Math! beginning-of-year benchmark screener. The Go Math! beginning-of-year benchmark is a multiple-choice screener that helps teachers customize instructional content to optimize the time spent teaching specific objectives. Students cannot pass or fail this test. This test will not affect grades. This screener will be used as a way to create a baseline for each individual student in our classes.  This also fulfills the universal screening requirements by the State of New York. Given the challenges of this year, the Go Math! benchmark results are especially helpful for us to understand what students know today, so math goals can be set to improve growth throughout the year. 

         For Virtual Academy students, the screener will be conducted via Zoom and may take place during both the students’ synchronous and asynchronous learning math block. For students attending school in-person, the assessment will be conducted in class possibly over a two-day period.  Your child’s teacher will communicate in advance the specific date and time they will administer this benchmark. The screener will be given using the Quizizz App. The Quizizz App can be downloaded from the self-service app located on the students’ individual iPads. Your child’s teacher will administer the screener by providing each student with either a link to access the screener or a “join code.”  For students taking the screener remotely, please allocate them a quiet location free of distractions, as well as encourage them to complete the screener independently. These results will provide a more complete picture of what your child knows and is ready to learn.  

         Once the testing has been completed and reviewed by our staff, you will receive a report showing a summary of how your child performed by your child’s teacher.   

         As we navigate these uncharted educational waters together, please know that Elmont UFSD continues to put children first. Please feel free to reach out to your building administration and your child’s teachers if you have any questions.  



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    Dr. W. García