•  It is once again time to return to school.  Many of us have spent our lives in school. If we do not look forward to this, it would not bode well.  The Staff of Gotham Avenue School does look forward to these starts.  We prepare, organize, and look for further ways of insuring student success. We must feel it as a “fresh” start.  Students must take their level of achievement to the next level.  All members of staff must likewise reach their next levels of achievement.   

    Our PTA has made a goal of reaching out to every family.  I and all staff join this imperative.

    Be a partner in our work.  Be a partner in PTA activities. 

    There is a bit of extremely happy news to share with you.  Gotham Avenue School has been named one of 67 schools on Long Island, and 562 throughout New York State (328 Elementary Schools) to be considered a Recognition School.  “Recognition Schools are identified as such because they are among the top performing under ESSA for performance, student growth and/or graduation rate; met or exceeded either the school or state measures of interim progress for English language arts and mathematics, rate of Chronic Absenteeism, and College, Career, and Civic Readiness; and met the federally required 95 percent participation rate in the English language arts and mathematics assessments.”


    Please feel pride the school’s achievement, and your part in this recognition.


    2019-2020---the best year we can make it.


    Marshall Zucker



    Marshall Zucker