• We all once again return to school.  For those of uswho have spent our lives in school, it is never a time of complacency.  It is always a time to prepare, to organize, and yes, to hope and to dream. It is always a “fresh” start, and everyone can succeed.  Each student has the capacity for growth and success.  This year, more than any other year must be a year that I ask for families to be active participants in the education of every child in the family.  It will be of the greatest importance for our students to read, and be read to; to speak and participate in discussions; to listen and to write.  It is also of the greatest importance that our students can use mathematics in the lives.  I must ask families to help make sure that all students know every basic math fact.


    No longer is it possible to achieve everything in school without reinforcement.  We firmly expect our students to be successful…whether they apply to a school, try out for a team, audition for a musical group or play, or apply for a job.  I never want to hear that at Gotham Avenue student loses out because they are not prepared.  For our students to be successful achievers, our families must NOW take part in helping every student meet, reach, and attain success.


    Marshall Zucker