Elmont, New York


    The Board of Education requires that all organizations or groups of individuals using school premises for purposes other than

    meetings, supply the school district with a Certificate of Insurance indicating coverage of combined single limit of $1,000,000 for

    bodily injury and property damage. The Elmont Union Free School District must be named as an additional assured, and

    certificate should read: Elmont UFSD, 135 Elmont Rd, Elmont, NY 11003, ATTN: Director of Facilities.

    At least 50% of the membership of any organization requesting use of school premises must be residents of the Elmont Union Free

    School District.

    Permits may be withdrawn when the attendance of any group consistently drops below fifteen (15) in number.

    All applications for use of school premises are to be submitted to the Elmont UFSD, 135 Elmont Road, Elmont, New York 11003,

    ATTN: Director of Facilities, on the form provided. Applications will not be accepted by The Director of School Facilities if the

    Board of Education will not have sufficient time to consider the applications prior to the date of the event. Applications must be sent

    in at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of activities.

    Adult supervision satisfactory to the Board of Education must be provided for all youth activities. The supervisor of both youth and

    adult activities is responsible for authorizing admittance to school premises ONLY those persons who are entitled to attend his/her

    activity. Since doors must be kept locked at all times, a responsible representative of the organization must be posted at the door to

    admit members. For use of playground/ballfields, local organizations will be responsible for the behavior and for any damage

    incurred by visiting teams or spectators.

    As per Board of Education resolution, when an organization is granted a Permit for use of school premises, that organization is

    responsible for the school premises during the hours their Permit is in effect. Any repair or replacement costs due to vandalism during

    these hours will be the responsibility of the organizations. The Board of Education assumes no responsibility to prove that their

    members or guests were those actually guilty of the vandalism.

    When the school district advises recognized community-based organizations that their applications have created a conflict, such

    organizations must resolve it and resubmit applications.

    Emergency Evacuations-Public Meetings: Effective September 1, 1991 State Law requires that the person in charge of any afterschool

    program, event or performance which takes place in a school, to notify such persons in attendance at the beginning of such

    programs of proper procedures to evacuate the building in an orderly manner in the event of a fire emergency. These emergency

    procedures will be found posted at the exit door.

    Permits will NOT be issued for any event to which admission fees are charged unless proceeds are expended entirely for an

    unrestricted educational or charitable purpose, or scholarships are given to those in need. Intent is to be verified in writing together

    with the application. In the event that scholarships are given, a list of Elmont residents receiving them must be included with the


    All requests for equipment must be included in the application. Certain items of equipment as specified in the permits (i.e., gymnastic

    equipment) may be used with prior written permission from the Director of Facilities. Damage to such requested school equipment is

    the responsibility of the community organization.

    (over please)

    Requirements for custodial assistance for any given event are to be determined solely by District Administration.

    Fees for custodial services are:


    1. Anytime on Saturday - $37.50 per hour per custodian, two hour minimum.

    2. Holidays and Sundays - $50.00 per hour per custodian, two hour minimum.

    B. KITCHEN WORKERS (as needed)

    1. After regular school hours when school was in session - $20.00 per hour per food service worker.

    2. Anytime on Saturday - $30.00 per hour per food service worker.

    3. Anytime on Sunday or Holidays - $40.00 per hour per worker.


    1. On days when building must be specifically opened for groups, custodial fees listed above apply.

    2. During the heating season when heat must be provided on days the building would normally be closed, a $20/hour fee will be

    charged. This fee will be based on actual scheduled duration of the event plus 2 hour (required to supply adequate heat at start of

    event). District Administration to determine when heating is required.


    1. Adult use of fields - $20.00 per hour for adult groups.

    2. Outdoor events out of the ordinary will be assessed additional fees to be determined by District Administration to cover the actual

    cost of wear and tear on grounds caused by the event.


    1. If required by district for event - $25.00 per hour per security person.


    1. Permits for building or field use will not be granted if previous fees remain outstanding.

    2. Fees for PTA or other community groups will be waived if the activity is one that involves

    student activities approved by the District.

    3. Permits will not be issued for any purpose which will interfere with the regular school and

    extra curricular use of facilities; for any purpose which will create private gain, financial

    or otherwise; from any event which the general public is excluded.

    4. All activities in school buildings are to cease by 10:00PM. The use of outdoor facilities will be limited to 9AM to

    9PM from April 1 through September 30, and 9AM to 6PM for the remainder of the year. The use of outdoor facilities

    on Sundays will be limited to 10AM to 6PM for the entire year.

    5. An organization is limited to the section of the field and to the time for which a permit has been issued.

    6. Games that deface or mar school property (ie golf or hardball) are not permitted.

    7. Sneakers are required for all gymnastic activities.

    8. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on school premises.

    9. Smoking is not permitted inside school buildings or on school grounds under any circumstances.

    10. Fireworks, weapons, firearms and other dangerous items are not permitted on school grounds.

    11. Gambling in any form is prohibited on school premises.

    12. It is the responsibility of local organizations to advise the Director of Facilities at least one week in advance of the

    cancellation of any activity.

    13. District Administration reserves the right to cancel any activity and may reassign permittees to alternate or field

    accommodations as required.

    14. The District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, physical impairment or sex in its

    educational programs or employment services.

    15. All users must provide the following insurance prior to using facilities:


    A. The user hereby agrees to name the District as an unrestricted additional insured on the user policy.

    B. The policy naming the District as an additional insured shall:

    Be an insurance policy from an A.M. Best rated “secured” New York State licensed insurer:

    Contain a 30 day notice of cancellation;

    State that the organization’s coverage shall be primary coverage for the District, it’s Board, employees and


    Additional insured status shall be provided with ISO endorsement CG 2026 or it equivalent;

    C. The user agrees to indemnify the District for any applicable deductibles and self-insured retentions.

    D. Required insurance:

    Commercial General Liability Insurance - $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate.

    E. User acknowledges that failure to obtain such insurance on behalf of the District constitutes a material breach of

    contract and subjects it to liability for damages, indemnification and all other legal remedies available to the District.

    The user is to provide the District with a certificate of insurance, evidencing the above requirements have been met.

    The failure of the District to object to the contents of the certificate or the absence of same shall not be deemed a

    waiver of any and all rights held by the District.

    The District is a member /owner of the NY Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR). The user further acknowledges

    that the procurement of such insurance as required herein is intended to benefit not only the District, but also

    NYSIR, as the District’s insurer.

    16. Prior to the start of the event, an announcement should be made to your group regarding emergency evacuation

    procedures. For example, pointing out posted procedures, directions for exiting, how to respond to fire alarms, etc.

    17. In the event of an accident, please notify the custodian on duty, or call the Business Office the next morning.


    Rev. 9/09