• Proof of Custody
    Annual proof of legal custody will be required for all children not residing with natural parents (i.e., court orders, Department of Social Services placements and adoption agency placements). 
    Proof of Residency
    Homeowner:  If you own a home, and you are the parent (or foster parent) of the child to be registered, you must submit;
    List A - ONE of the following: Homeowner's Deed, Homeowner's Current Mortgage Statement, or most current County and School Tax receipt.
    List B - TWO of the following: Utility Bill, Cable Bill, Bank Statement
    List C - Photo ID(s) of parent(s)
    Renter (Non-Owner or Living with Another Family) :  If you are a NON-OWNER, renting an apartment or home, or living with another family, you must submit:
    List A - Notarized Form A1 from Homeowner, accompanied by ONE proof from each list A and B above,
    List B - TWO of any of the following: Utility Bill, Voter Registration Card, Bank Statement, or Legal Mail (with name and date of issuance)
    List C - Photo ID(s) of parent(s)