• Student Attendance
    Parents are requested to call their schools to report student absences as early as possible. This facilitates the checking of student attendance and verifies that the child will not be in school. To report absences, call the appropriate school nurse's office listed below:
    Alden Terrace - Mrs. Lisa Welsh-Gairey - 285-8207
    Clara H. Carlson - Mrs. Deborah Gallager - 326-5573
    Covert Avenue - Mrs. Colleen Foley - 326-5563
    Dutch Broadway - Mrs. Yasmine Patterson - 326-5553
    Gotham Avenue - Mrs. Jean Madonia - 326-5543
    Stewart Manor - Mrs. Virginia Linn - 326-5533
    The nurse will call home when a student is absent and no reason is known. A student absence must be followed by a written excuse note from a parent. A home visit will occur if a child is absent five consecutive days and no medical evidence has been presented.