• Words Their Way is a developmental spelling, phonics, and vocabulary program. It  is intended to be a part of a balanced literacy plan that includes fluency, comprehension and writing. Word study is implemented as a small component of the literacy plan but it is also interwoven in actual reading and writing texts.  Words Their Way is an open-ended individual process. An assessment is given to determine where to begin instruction. Based on assessment results students are given words to study in order to discover the common attributes. In this manner students are actively constructing their own knowledge of spelling patterns. Students learn features by completing activities such as word sorting, word hunts, games and drawing and labeling. Students work individually, with partners, and in small groups to encourage cooperative learning and individual responsibility.
    ReadyGEN is a comprehensive ELA curriculum aligned to the complexity requirements of Common Core Standards.  At the heart of ReadyGEN is an exchange between reading and writing to promote student thinking and understanding through citation and text-based evidence. Students are expected to analyze and synthesize sources, write to sources, and defend claims.
    ReadyGEN is organized into unit modules containing Text Sets aligned to the Essential Question and Enduring Understandings of each unit. Text Sets contain authentic pieces of literary and informational trade books. Texts are designed to build core knowledge for sustained periods of time.  Embedded support at point-of-use allows all students – ELLs, struggling readers, and accelerated learners – to successfully participate.   Additionally, Academic Specialists provided guidance through supplementary support materials.

    The ReadyGEN Program features:

    ·         12 Full-Length Authentic Trade Books for every student.

    ·         LEVELED TEXT COLLECTION: A collection of topic-related texts spanning multiple genres

    ·         SLEUTH – A magazine style reader of short texts to develop close reading strategies.

    ReadyGEN features a comprehensive student  assessment system.

    ·         A Baseline Assessment determines students’ instructional needs in foundational skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

    ·         Regular Formative Assessments are used to measure student reading, vocabulary analysis and writing progress to adjust instruction.

    ·         Performance-Based Assessments embedded in each unit measures students’ core understandings in integrating reading, writing, speaking and listening.

    ·         Summative, End-of-Unit Assessments are designed to measure mastery of the Common Core Standards.