• Words Their Way is a developmental spelling, phonics, and vocabulary program. It  is intended to be a part of a balanced literacy plan that includes fluency, comprehension and writing. Word study is implemented as a small component of the literacy plan but it is also interwoven in actual reading and writing texts.  Words Their Way is an open-ended individual process. An assessment is given to determine where to begin instruction. Based on assessment results students are given words to study in order to discover the common attributes. In this manner students are actively constructing their own knowledge of spelling patterns. Students learn features by completing activities such as word sorting, word hunts, games and drawing and labeling. Students work individually, with partners, and in small groups to encourage cooperative learning and individual responsibility.


    PEARSON: COMMON CORE LITERATURE Edition  motivates students to use critical thinking, enhance language, and cognitive development. The program features five units of quality-complex text. Each unit begins with The Big Question. Text selections take students beyond their own lives, broadening their backgrounds, enabling students to grow in understanding. Such affective responses to literature provide opportunities for students to become personally involved in reading and learning. Each PEARSON: COMMON CORE LITERATURE Unit  emphasizes a Four-Part Instructional Model to respond to The Big Question:

    ·         PART 1: SETTING EXPECTATIONS - The Big Question is introduced and provides a central focus for gathering evidence and information through a variety of genres. Close Reading is applied.  Academic Vocabulary in text selections prepare students for the challenge of college and careers. 

    ·         PART 2: Text Analysis:  The students focus  on  a specific genre focus.  Specific skills are developed and implemented through direct instruction.

    ·         PART 3: TEXT SET: DEVELOPING INSIGHT - The emphasis is about answering The Big Question using content knowledge through comparing multi-genre Text Sets.  Students are given the opportunity to encounter complex texts that mirror college textbooks and workplace documents.

    ·         PART 4: DEMONSTRATING INDEPENDENCE – Students read extended texts independently to apply what they have learned.  Teachers pre-plan with students. Online Student e Textsets enable students to build stamina as they practice reading.


    ·         Regular Formative Assessments measures student reading, vocabulary analysis and writing progress to adjust instruction.

    ·         Summative, End-of-Unit Assessments measures students’ mastery of the Common Core Standards.