• School Bus Transportation Information

    Bus and Bus Stop Rules:

    1.     All students must be at the stop 10 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time.

    2.     While waiting for bus, stay out of roadway and do not go on the property of the homeowner at the bus stop.

    3.     Driver or attendant may assign seats.

    4.     Do not throw objects, i.e. rocks or sticks, at the bus stop, on the bus or out the windows of the bus.

    5.     Do not push or crowd when boarding or exiting the bus.

    6.     Do not leave your seat to get off the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop.

    7.     No loud talking. This distracts the driver.

    8.     Keep the aisle clear. This includes feet and legs.

    9.     Book bags with wheels are not allowed on the bus.

    10.  Pencils, pens, books, and paper must remain in school bag.

    11.  Do not bring large objects on the bus.

    12.  Do not talk to the driver while he or she is driving.

    13.  While crossing the street, rely on yourself. Watch for cars and the bus. Cross 10 feet in front of the bus so the driver can see you. Wait for the driver to signal before crossing. Never cross behind the bus.

    14.  Never jump from the bus steps.

    15.  Pay attention, follow the driver and the attendant’s directions at all times.

    16.  Do not throw paper or other litter on the floor of the bus or at the bus stop. Throw litter in a trash receptacle.

    17.  Parents are responsible for a student’s behavior at bus stop.

    18.  Students must take assigned bus.

    19.  Bus passes must be carried at all times.

    20.  No standing on bus.

    21.  No profanity (cursing).

    22.  Violence is prohibited. (NO FIGHTING)

    23.  Do not put hands, arms, head or anything else out of the bus windows.

    24.  Toys are not allowed on the bus, i.e. GameBoy, trading cards.