• Elmont Union Free School District


    The Elmont Elementary School District is committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment in which all students may achieve their greatest potential.  This endeavor requires the collaboration of parents, teachers, community members, students, administrators and the Board of Education and is based on the belief that among all students’ excellence and mastery can be attained, talent can be cultivated and understanding and mutual respect can be achieved.

     B.  VISION – “Reaching and Teaching for Excellence”

    Every child who receives his/her education in the Elmont Elementary School District will leave the elementary schools ready to meet the challenges and demands of the secondary program in anticipation of becoming a lifelong learner and productive adult.  

    C.   MISSION

    The mission of the Elmont Elementary School District is to promote the intellectual, socio-emotional, and physical development of our children in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.  The District envisions achieving its mission by:

    ·         Promoting and maintaining high expectations for teaching and learning.

    ·         Monitoring, modifying, and enhancing the way in which teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation take place.

    ·         Maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment.

    ·         Ensuring that all students have equal access to all the educational opportunities offered in the District.

    ·         Offering to all students a well defined, comprehensive and challenging curriculum that will enable them to successfully approach their future academic work and to meet and exceed local and state standards.

    ·         Actively engaging parents, community members, business, government and industry in fulfilling their role as partners in the educational process.