Superintendent Letter - Return to Regular School Hours



    February 8, 2021



    Dear Parents and Guardians,


                I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.  I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that, as we progress further toward a normal school year, we are adjusting the programming of our school day.  We will move the early morning segment of the day, now taught asynchronously, to in-person. This will allow us to move special subjects, such as Art, Music and Physical Education, to later time segments in the day.  It will also provide teachers of special subjects greater flexibility in programming, as we continuously strive to deliver the educational curriculum in a manner closer to pre-pandemic conditions. 


                Beginning March 8, 2021, the start time for each school building will be adjusted as listed below.  The specials will be taught throughout the day in accordance with a schedule developed for each individual class, as is the case in a normal school year.





    Kenneth Rosner

    Superintendent of Schools




    ** Please note the change in starting times.


    All schools will return to their original start time.

    Dismissal times remain the same.



    Start Time**

    Dismissal Time

    Alden Terrace

    8:05 am

    2:25 pm

    Clara H. Carlson

    8:55 am

    3:15 pm

    Covert Avenue

    9:10 am

    3:30 pm

    Dutch Broadway

    8:35 am

    2:55 pm

    Gotham Avenue

    8:05 am

    2:25 pm

    Stewart Manor

    9:10 am

    3:30 pm