• June 7, 2021 


    Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s), 


    On Monday morning, Governor Cuomo held a press conference to discuss NYS mandates regarding the wearing of masks in schools for staff and students. All school districts must continue to abide by the most recent guidance from the CDC, which requires masks to be worn indoors. However, local school districts are permitted to adjust the outdoor mask mandates for all children and adults. 

    This evening, after a meeting of the District Re-opening Committee to review the new guidance for outdoor mask-wearing, I am implementing the following changes to the mask-wearing policy, effective Tuesday, June 8, 2021: 

    • Outdoors, masks are not required; students and employees who are not fully vaccinated are “encouraged” to wear a mask in certain higher-risk circumstances, but it is no longer mandated. 

    Our students are still socially distanced in all classrooms (6 feet apart) and our re-entry plan still provides strong safeguards that will continue to keep our children and staff safe during these last few weeks of school. I have spoken to the staff about providing the children with frequent mask breaks in our classrooms. 

    The district health and safety team will closely monitor the health of our children and staff by remaining in close contact with all building administrators and healthcare professionals. 

    On Tuesday, our staff will be speaking with students about the changes in the mask protocols when outdoors. Please take the time to talk to your children about the changes as well and the importance of respecting individual choices in regard to wearing masks. 

    I truly appreciate the support and patience of the community during these most challenging times. 




    Kenneth Rosner 

    Superintendent of Schools