Private/Parochial Applications Due Today


Requests for transportation for K – 6 children in private or parochial schools must be submitted

on or by April 3, 2013 Requests received after April 3 may be declined. These late requests will

be reviewed during the last weeks of August, and parents or guardians who filed late requests

will be notified if their children will receive transportation.

New residents must apply within 30 days after establishing residency. Private or parochial school

children still receive transportation to school when the Elmont UFSD is officially closed due

to a recess or holiday. When the district is closed due to an emergency or severe weather

condition, all transportation is cancelled. When the district has a delayed opening, out-of-district

transportation is provided only if weather conditions permit. Disruptive behavior affecting the

safety of drivers and children may result in the loss of future riding privileges. For additional

information and clarification, please call 326-5500.