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Virtual Junior Achievement Program at Gotham Avenue

Sixth graders at Gotham Avenue School participated in a virtual Junior Achievement Program on Nov. 17.

Junior Achievement is a worldwide organization dedicated to educating students in grades K-12 about entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy through experiential and hands-on programs. Volunteers from the community deliver the Junior Achievement curriculum, while sharing their own personal experiences with students. The goal of the classroom volunteers is to transform key concepts of the lessons into a message that inspires and empowers students to believe in themselves.

The Junior Achievement Zoom seminar presented an excellent opportunity to help the students gauge their career interests based on potential work environments and career paths. Mr. Huber’s sixth grade class met virtually with Mrs. Callipari’s remote sixth grade class, as well as with two accountants who led the program. 

During the presentation, the Junior Achievement volunteers discussed their job responsibilities and their career paths, and had the students complete a self-interest survey to help them judge their interests in future career paths. At the conclusion of the presentation, the accountants held a question-and-answer session for the students to learn more about their professions, as well as other potential professions they are interested in pursuing.

Virtual Junior Achievement Program at Gotham Avenue