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Women’s History Month Bingo Held at Stewart Manor

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Stewart Manor School hosted a virtual bingo on March 19. The theme focused on “Famous Firsts for Women.”

Leading up to the game, students learned about notable women during the morning announcements. A different name was shared each morning, and students were tasked with listening and taking notes on the individual’s significant accomplishments.

These facts shared were utilized during the Women’s History Month bingo game. Assistant Principal Nathaniel Marner read aloud the achievements, and students used their notes to identify the person and fill out their bingo board. Some clues given were “the first woman to become vice president” and “the first woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” Winning students were awarded with a homework pass from Mr. Marner.

The game served as a creative and fun way for the students to learn more about famous women in the past and present.