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Covert Avenue School Celebrates Kindness and Reading

To encourage students to strengthen their reading skills and spread kindness, Covert Avenue School hosted a Pick a Reading Partner program with the theme of “Kindness Counts” from March 5-26.

The school’s PTA collaborated with teachers Mrs. Magaraci and Mrs. Polzella to ensure that both in-person and Virtual Academy students were able to enjoy and participate in the activities. Three virtual read aloud events were held on Zoom for students in pre-K to sixth grade throughout the month, along with a virtual paint night and a virtual Scholastic Book Fair. Additionally, all students were tasked with completing daily kindness actions. The kind acts included “give a compliment to someone you live with,” “smile at everyone you see today,” “tell a friend how special and lucky they are” and “leave a kind note for someone to find.”

            As part of her act of kindness, Principal Mary Natoli gifted each class with a copy of Sheetal Sheth’s book, “Always Anjali,” which is about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our differences. After reading the story, students were able to meet Sheth through Zoom on March 8. 

            In-person students joined in for a themed Spirit Week from March 15-19. They were encouraged to wear their pajamas to school, wear a shirt with text, dress in all green, style their hair in a crazy or silly way and participate in a vocabulary parade.

            The Pick a Reading Partner program ended with a special activity, as Student Council members created a domino line in the hallways with collected cereal boxes. Students throughout the building donated approximately 250 cereal boxes and wrote kind messages on them, as well. The food was donated to the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency.